Our Coffee Roasts:

Yellow Bourbon  - Medium roast

This Brazilian coffee comes from Carma De Minas . These beans are processed pulp natural, which adds to the sweet flavor. In the cup this coffee reveals notes of chocolate with milk and sweet lemon.  Bright and sweet acidity.  Silky mouth feel. Long finish with chocolate notes.  I have a client the describes this coffee as a special occasion coffee.  

Mexican Chiapas*  - Medium roast                                                                                                   
Our Chiapas a very popular coffee that is well balanced with a bold but not to heavy flavor profile. There's a slight sweetness to this coffee that appeals to many.

‚ÄčEthiopian Yirgachaffee* - Medium roast                                                                                   

Our Yigachaffee is known for it's bright and shining acidity and a clean taste with an intensity on the palate. An array of floral notes that have been described as sensual, giving this coffee a wonderfully intense complexity in its aromatic qualities. This roast has an orange blossom fragrance and a very sweet and elegant finish that is typically very clean like the flavor. It also seems to be a favorite to be used in iced coffee drinks.

Misery Ridge Blend - Organic - Dark roast                                                                                            

This blend was designed by me to provide my co-workers with a blend that provides a bold flavor. Enjoy a cup of this coffee with breakfast to get your day started.  

Brazilian Decaf - Mountain water processed - Medium roast                                                                             

This high quality Arabica coffee bean is first decaffeinated by the special water process, then it is roasted to the optimum quality to produce a truly remarkable cup of decaffeinated coffee.

Guatemalan*- Dark roast                                                                                                          

This coffee comes from the Huehuetenango region processed washed and patio dried. Dark roasted, it has a bittersweet chocolate that is slightly dominant in a good way. The amount of fruit and cocoa tasted in the cup is impressive. Flavors of blackberry syrup, apple juice and pear come to mind in the cooling cup. No matter how we have brewed it.. drip, pour over, french press or aero pressed it's great!

 If local, I will deliver when possible. Please email if you have any questions.

* denotes Fair Trade Organic