Smith Rock Coffee Roasters LLC

  Small Batch Coffee Roaster

Smith Rock Coffee Roasters LLC is located in Redmond, Oregon. We are a drive thru coffee shop offering hand crafted coffee's.  We also offer brekafast and lunch specials. We roast specialty grade Arabica beans form around the world. Specialty grade is the highest grade of bean available. When available, we buy Fair Trade Organic green beans. We feel that by buying Fair Trade Organic, it is like treating the farmers as if they were our family and the earth as if it was our best friend.

Smith Rock Coffee Roasters takes great pride in creating roasting profiles that unlock the most intent complexity of the flavors hidden inside of the beans.  

The people of the Great Northwest take their coffee very seriously, and so do we.

We roast in small batches so that we provide the freshest coffee beans.  

We offer consumer direct and also wholesale pricing for commercial accounts.